Tasting Ideas & Themes



Champagne, Prosecco, Cava & More! Let's find out how different these sparklers are. A wonderful way to evaluate bubbles of the world side by side. Line them up & we'll compare. Guaranteed to make you smile!


Brown Bag Blind


Not entirely blind....you still need your eyes, nose & mouth! Without knowing price, variety, country or vintage, everyone starts at a level playing field with this fun & revealing tasting! The unveiling is the best part -- results are always a big surprise!


Tasting For Tightwads


Everyone likes a good deal right? Bargains exist for wine too! You can find some of your favourite varieties at some surprising prices. Don't feel you always have to "go big" to impress. This tasting is known as the WINNERS for Winos!


New World vs. Old World


Such a revealing tasting to showcase the wines of the world. Compare and enjoy the differences in varietal, terroir, wine-making techniques & climate. A favourite tasting for those with a curious palate!


Just the Basics Please


What Should I Be Looking For? A simple approach to wine tasting. Let me walk you through the 3 S's--Swirl, Sniff & Sip. A terrific way to discover a little more about wine with these simple steps.

Many more themes are available or we are happy to customize an event for you.